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What file types are recommended for artwork uploads?

Once my reprint has been approved can I change my artwork?

How many colors can each table cover include?

Can Overnight Table Covers print on both sides of the table cover?

Do you print height by width (H x W) or width by height (W x H)?

Can I change my artwork once it's been approved and is in production?

Can I see a design proof/preview before paying?

How long does it take to receive my order?

Is there a required minimum order value?

What if my order is not delivered within the guaranteed time frame?

What if the colors on the custom table cover don’t come out the way I expected ?

Why should I order my custom table cover from overnight table covers?

Be sure to convert all fonts to outlines or curves before sending the file. Please set the size of the proof in proportion to the exact size of the custom table cover order. There's no need to include bleeds in the proof, unless it is a part of the graphic. All text should be at least two inches from the edge of the tablecover grommets. Acceptable formats include:

EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)

AI (Adobe Illustrator)

PDF (Adobe Reader PDF)

PSD (Adobe Photoshop)

JPEG (High Resolution JPEG)

TIFF (High Resolution TIFF)

Depending on the resolution and pixels, PSD, JPEG, TIFF files gets blurry when enlarged. Thumbnail JPGs or GIFs cannot be used for large prints. If submitting these files please follow these guidelines.

100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi

50% scale at 200 dpi or higher

25% scale at 300 dpi or higher

10% scale at 600-1200 dpi

Vector: Line art is scalable to any size, it never loses resolution and the image stays clean and crisp. Vector files can be submitted in any size, in proportion to your tablecovers size.

All reprints must duplicate what was originally printed. However you are welcome to submit a new order with work elements.

Overnight Table Covers does not have a color limit. Allowing you to choose as many photos or graphics as you want on your displays. We offer the top selling fabric choices in more than 80 stock color choices.

We can not print on both sides of the table cover. However you can add multiple logos on the front, sides, back and top without additional printing cost and never pay for a setup.

Overnight Table Covers always measures width by height (W x H). When you select a size on the website, width is always the first dimension, not height. Make sure it matches with your file size.

Once your artwork has been approved it will go straight to production and no changes can be made.

Yes, you may request the final design proof by sending an email to customerservice@overnighttablecovers.com our art department will contact you within 24hrs.

Upon artwork approval and payment received we guarantee 24hr shipments. From there, it depends on the type of shipping you select.

Yes, we require all orders to be at least $24.00

If we dont ship 24 hours after payment and art approval, we will  reimburse your credit card and pay for ground shipping charges to the destination of your choice.

We can match most Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors so you can get the color of fabric that best fits your image.


However  please be aware the appearance of the thumbnail could be different on our screens and equipment compared to yours. If you are unsatisfied with your order you may contact our customer service department at customerservice@overnighttablecovers.com please be sure its within 7 days of order receipt.



If you find a lower price from an ASI partner, we will reimburse the difference, no questions asked.


If we fail to ship within 24 hours of payment and art confirmation we’ll reimburse your purchase and ship the product at our expense.


If our print quality or workmanship is not 100% perfect, we will refund your order, period.


No Setup Fees.


Multiple Logo placement at no additional charge.


No Charge PDF Proof.

Order Payment & Shipping Help

Products Quality, Materials & Options

Artwork Preparation & Design Help